🔑 GameFi is called the next big thing in the technology world. GameFi introduces the Play-To-Earn model (P2E Games) that rewards players with financial revenue. That has somewhat impacted many developing countries’ lives in some countries in Southeast Asia and South America. To some gamers, GameFi brings them a full-time income.

🌈 Many of us might have heard about how the Philippines had the hardest time during Covid 19 pandemic. Many people lost their jobs, and many companies were ruined. But by playing Axie Infinity, a P2E game, many people in the Philippines could make ends meet.

⚡ P2E games have changed the way gamers interact with in-game ecosystems by providing them with control and ownership of game assets, increasing their value through gameplay quickly.

➡ To summarize, GameFi and the P2E models do not seem to be slowing down soon. With new investment and GameFi-specific funds, the potential of the industry is only just beginning. #Akrasin #Gamefi #P2E #Gameplay #NFTs



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